Sunday, January 31, 2010

Ethan's Birthday

Ethan turned 11 on Friday. Today we'd planned a small birthday party that ended up even smaller as the snow we got yesterday kept his grandmother and aunt & uncle and cousins at home. We weren't going to make him wait by postponing the celebration, so we had cake and ice cream and presents with just us.

<span class=
We got him two Halo block sets, a Nerf gun and bullets, a new webkinz, the terminator figure he wanted, a steering wheel for the wii, and Guitar Hero 5. He couldn't wait to start building his Halo sets.
His cake was even Halo "decorated". He couldn't decide what kind of cake he wanted and he really seemed to want some sort of "toy" on his cake after his brother had the lego block cakes that I put real lego guys on, so I just dyed the frosting to match the figures. LOL
31/365 candles
There's nothing like licking the frosting off the candles!

Saturday, January 30, 2010

Snowy Night

It snowed today. It started snowing early this morning and didn't stop or even slow down much until after the sun set. And since it's a birthday weekend in our house (Ethan's 11th) Jason and I had to run out in it for last minute party and cake supplies. Not how I wanted to spend a cold snowy day, but we got what we needed and came home.

It was so cold out and snowing so fast that the windshield wipers could barely keep up and the heaters were going full blast trying to keep the snow from freezing immediately.

It was snowing too much to go out with my camera in hand for most of the day so I decided to go on a little walk after the kids went to bed. I didn't last very long as it's very cold but the snow was beautiful. And deep. Well, at least for around here where we're lucky to get two inches of snow at a time. There were times where the snow in drifts came up to my knees almost.

I love the way snow sparkles and icicles form.
lamp glow
I love the way snow makes everything peaceful and quiet.
30/365 quiet night
And then I love it when it melts. LOL

Friday, January 29, 2010

Last Minute

Today was yet another last minute day. I've really found that it's hard for me to find time to get my camera out. Most days I don't think about it until the kids are in bed and I finally get some time to myself. By then it's late and I just want to relax. On top of all that I feel like it's getting a little monotonous.

The good thing is that I really feel like once Spring comes, the lure of getting a picture will get me out of the house more. It'll be a great excuse to go to the park, the zoo and other fun outdoor places. For now, it's cold (barely making it to freezing today) and wet and dreary. I don't do cold.

The bad thing is that Spring is still weeks and weeks away.

Today I finally decided to pull out an object from my past. My first lunch box was a PacMan lunch box and I absolutely adored it. I remember how my sandwich fit perfectly in it, how I would swing it by my side by the handles, how different it was from everyone's plastic lunch boxes. I'm not sure it was ever meant to be used as a lunch box, but that's what I used and I loved it. And eventually lost it.

Years ago when ebay was a new thing I was searching for items from my childhood when I found it. My lunch box. I bid on it immediately and was thrilled to win. Now, every time I see it on the shelf, I smile.
29/365 pacman
And to add to things that make me smile:
the Teenager.
He was on the computer, shooting me odd looks out of the corner of his eyes while I photographed my lunch box. I'm sure that he was telling whomever it was he was chatting on facebook with that I was totally weird and crazy. So I turned the camera on him. >:)
ignoring the photographer
I love how he can't totally ignore me but he's trying so hard not to smile. LOL

Thursday, January 28, 2010

Fish Lips

Today I let Mia play on the computer while her older siblings were at school. At one point I looked over at her and noticed the funny faces she made while playing Webkinz. I couldn't resist sneaking my camera out and she looked over at me right as I snapped the picture. Perfect timing!

28/365 fishy face

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Today I decided to walk around my yard and see what interesting things I could find to photograph. I started with my cute new sneakers. :)
I found lots of signs of winter and leftovers from autumn.
27/365 empty
I loved the way the sky looked with the setting sun behind the clouds and the tree branches silhouetted against it. I had fun with some editing and I like it even more. :)spooky
I also found a few vestiges of color left in the world like the green moss growing on a tree.
mossy tree
Best of all, I found hope and a sign of Spring to come.

hope springs

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Today I was low on motivation. I really did not want to get out my camera. I didn't care if I took a pic, but my perfectionist heart couldn't let me get away with skipping a day. LOL

I finally decided to post/photograph one of my favorite hobbies.
I love sewing. I'm mostly self taught beyond the "this is how you thread a machine and sew a straight line" that I learned in middle school. I find sitting behind my sewing machine to be very stress relieving. I love creating things and I very seldom use a pattern. Most of what I sew these days are my kids' Halloween costumes, but I've made other clothes, and blankets, pillows, bags....whatever I find a need to create.

I have a huge stash of material (most of it I got for free off of freecycle) and threads and trims and buttons to inspire me. I love taking what's in my head and creating it from nothing. I love the hum of the machine and the satisfaction I feel when I'm finished. And most of all, I love the back rub I get from my husband after spending hours hunched over my machine. :)
26/365 buttons

My birthday

Today was my birthday. Jason surprised me by taking off of work and setting up a babysitter and took me out to lunch. Afterwards we went shopping and walked around the mall. I got some new jeans, sneakers and pj pants. I wasn't really planning on getting anything else because he had me order my Nook that I've been wanting and I'd told him that I counted that as my birthday/valentine's/anniversary gift.

I should know better, though. I also got this:

I've been looking at similar necklaces for three years now. I have tons of rings, and some nice diamond earrings but I've never really bought myself any necklaces or pendants. I love the combination of the black and white diamonds and I like how simple it is. It suits me and even though I feel terribly guilty having that much (more) money spent on myself, I love it.

On the way home, Anakin asked about my birthday cake so they helped pick out some cupcakes for mommy. Jason, being silly, stuck a candle in the center one and they sung "Happy Birthday" to me.
candle cupcake
25/365 cupcake
I think Anakin just wanted to have some cake. :)

Sunday, January 24, 2010

Well, that didn't go as hoped

Today I decided to experiment with some paint drips. I thought it would be fun to see what images I might get as different colors mixed and I have tons of acrylic paint laying around so I picked a few colors and started dripping.

Yeah, didn't go as planned. First of all, I'm working alone here and I was trying to drip the paints and compose the picture all at the same time. Secondly, my set up was well... less than subpar and wasn't helping matters. I guess that's what I get for waiting until the end of the day to try to get a pic.

I really need to hire an assistant or start bribing my kids or something. LOL
paint drip 2
24/365 paint drip

Saturday, January 23, 2010

"Let's bowl, let's bowl, let's rock-'n-roll"

So who can finish the lyric? LOL

So, obviously we went bowling today. I took my camera and tried to get some shots but it's not easy to snap pics while trying to not bother those around you and get a decent shot. Why are bowing alleys so dimly lit?
23/365 claudia
I didn't really like any of the shots I got so I just experimented with some editing. I think I like the one of Claudia best. The one of Mia came out too grainy for me and Ethan's could probably use a boost in contrast. Or something. I just can't decide.

Friday, January 22, 2010

I woke up this morning with a horrible headache. The kind that feels like someone is repeatedly stabbing you behind the eyes with a hot poker to the beat of a bad polka song. The kind where you vision swims, your stomach turns, the slightest noise makes you cringe and all you want to do is crawl back into bed and pull the covers over your head until tomorrow.

Unfortunately that was not happening today. Instead I chugged a Dr Pepper this morning with a few advils to take the edge off. Repeat as needed.

22/365 migraine
The only other picture I took today was of Jesse with his new dsi.
His old ds had gotten a crack in it and he has been working to earn money and saving it for a few months now. Last weekend we looked online and ordered a package deal that included the dsi, two games, a case and for $10 extra an accessory kit that had a docking station, car charger, earbuds, screen protectors and a bunch of other things. It all arrived today so he spent the evening checking out all the new stuff it does.

Thursday, January 21, 2010

After School

This afternoon I took out my camera while the kids were doing their homework. Well actually, Claudia was doing homework while Anakin and Mia were drawing pictures and being otherwise silly.
Mia and I went to Target today while the kids were in school. She needs a new car seat but they only had the one I wanted in an ugly brown color but even then I couldn't leave the store without spending money. I was looking through the clearance racks and got both Anakin and Mia some cute new pajamas for a few bucks each. They put them on as soon as we got home. They were so cute that I couldn't resist photographing Mia's tootsies peeking out from the bottom of her pj's.

Wednesday, January 20, 2010


Today was one of those days where I took a bunch of pictures and didn't really like any of them. Nothing spoke to me today. Maybe it's because it's Wednesday. Maybe because my brain is already befuddled from doing our taxes this afternoon. Or maybe I just need a break.

I did eventually get an image today, but wasn't happy with it until I cropped it tighter.
20/365 patterns

Tuesday, January 19, 2010


Today I decided to try photographing things I wouldn't normally photograph. I love to photograph people, especially children, and nature and landscapes. I don't often photograph inanimate objects and I find that it's harder for me to "see" them they way I do my preferred subjects so I decided to turn my camera to my husband's guitar and the oldest's skateboard.
And when I was done I couldn't resist turning my camera to the cookies cooling on the stove.

My poor pan is so scratched and stained, but nothing ever sticks and it's been loyal to me all these years. LOL


Family is the theme of this week's I Heart Faces challenge. I had a great picture that I really wanted to enter, but it was only of the kids. I love it because it really, truly tells the story of our family. The rules, however, state that there must be an adult in the picture so instead I chose one that I shared the other day.
I kept returning to this picture, because it makes me laugh. It's a typical scene in our house of Daddy chasing down the kids and grabbing them up and hugging them to death or pretending to put them in headlocks or hanging them upside down. The kids are always fighting to get loose and squealing with laughter. It's a funhouse in here sometimes.

Monday, January 18, 2010

Missing My Mom

It was three years ago this month, that my mom was diagnosed with lung cancer. While the grief has been getting better, there are certain times of the year that it hits me pretty hard. January is one of them and the week before my birthday (this week) is the hardest.

My relationship with my mom was not what you'd call typical. We took turns being the parent, even back when I was 12 and my parents had first separated and I'd tuck my mom into bed. As an adult, my mom and I saw each other nearly every day. I did everything with my mom and as much as she drove me nuts, I know she was the person who understood me the best.

She had just partially retired the October before she was diagnosed, right after I gave birth to my youngest. My mom loved being a Gramma and was looking forward to spending time with the grandbabies. She was tickled with how much Mia looked like I did as a baby, and sometimes I really wish that she could see what a great kid she's turning out to be as are the rest.

After my mom passed, she was cremated and that summer we took her ashes with us to California and I spread them overlooking Lake Berryessa as she wanted me to. I hope she's proud of us, and I hope she knows how much I miss her and love her.

18/365 My Mom

Sunday, January 17, 2010

Experimenting Again

Today I spent more time with my Lightscoop. I have to say that I'm even happier than I was yesterday. Today I spent more time playing with settings and seeing exactly what it could do. The reccomended settings for use are ISO 800 and shooting wide open with the shutter speed at 1/200th. It's also reccomended to shoot with the flash exposure compensation at +1 to +2.

Today I mainly shot at ISO 200 and the flash compensation at +1 at the most. I'm sure a lot of that has to do with my tiny home and low ceilings, but it was great to get such wonderful results with a lower ISO.

broken hearted
I guess even 13 year olds get upset when their heart lollipops break. LOL

Some before and afters:
jason without ligtscoop
jason with lightscoop
lego without lightscoop
lego with lightscoop

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