Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Girls' Bedroom

The girl's bedroom was......well, I don't think there are words for it. I have no idea why anyone would ever do this, but it was done and I have the pictures to prove it.



Yup, that would be plywood on the walls. Why is it so shiny, you ask? Because it had been liberally sprayed with a polyurethane spray. Really, it was just gross.

Luckily, it looks so much better now.

girls room

girls room2

It's orange!! I had a hard time capturing the actual color in pics but the first shot is closest. We've actually done more in the room, but I haven't photographed it yet because I've had so much stuff in there. You can see, sitting in the closet, the package of Claudia's new bedding. It's varying shades of orange and pink stripes. Very cute and matches perfectly.

All the furniture will be white like the trim. Oh! And the backs of the bedroom doors for the kids are painted with dry erase paint. Fun stuff. ;)

Once I've finished decorating, I'll take more pics. And maybe I'll get a better shot of that color!

A Visitor

I'm going to share some more before & afters of the ugly house today but first I thought I'd share a fun shot I took yesterday.


I found this praying mantis wandering along outside my front door yesterday and had to run inside to get my camera. It was in quite the hurry though, so it only stopped a moment to pose for this picture. :) Unfortunately, I didn't get a full body shot so I haven't been able to figure out if it's a boy or a girl.

Monday, June 27, 2011

The Master Bathroom

Unfortunately, I did not think to take before pics until after we'd already started ripping up carpets and tearing out floors. So you will be spared from some of the ugly. Lucky you. LOL

The first room we (well my husband and his buddy) began on was the master bath. We started there because it was the one room that had a bad floor so they immediately started ripping it out. That was when I ran home to get my camera because I wanted to document everything.



Ugly sink, turquoise floor and woah! Do you see that toilet? (That's my husband's buddy cleaning up the trash from the floor being ripped out bit by bit.)

Not a great shot but you can see my husband in the hole where the tiny shower used to be. Seriously. It was tiny.


bath 2

I still need to get a shot of the new shower, but it's about twice the size of what was in there before. It's funny, I thought a lot of people would hate my green and black bathroom but so far everyone has loved it, too. It makes me happy just to look in there and it's only the bathroom! LOL

More rooms to come!

The Ugly House

So, I mentioned that we bought and have been renovating a house. What I didn't mention is that we bought the world's saddest and ugliest house. Seriously. The first time we walked through it we walked out saying that you couldn't pay us enough money to enter it again.

It was dirty, and ugly and run down and so sadly out of date that the wallpaper hurt your eyes. (Just wait! I have photographic proof! LOL) Oh, and did I mention that it is yellow? Not cream. Yellow.

<span class=

<span class=
Or that not all the shingles match?

<span class=

I could almost live with the paler color. And I don't believe that the pictures do the bright nature of the yellow justice. Seriously, I don't have anything against the color yellow, but just not for houses. Obviously, that is on our list of things to do, but we still haven't come to an agreement on color. So for now...it's yellow.

We do have this however.

<span class=

My husband is a mechanic and a car guy. This garage is what made us walk back into the house for a second look. LOL The house is old, yes. It needed work and a major facelift. But it was solid, the roof was good, it's almost twice the size (even being small house) than where we're living now and it has a yard and that garage and a big field behind it.

So we bought it.

Best decision ever. More than the house, the neighbors make it wonderful. Our one neighbor has just been fantastic and is always the first one to lend a hand or to keep an eye out for things. The rest of the neighbors are kind and friendly and I can't wait to finish so we can move in.

Sunday, June 12, 2011

Bright and Vivid

So, it's been a quiet few months for me, at least photography wise. We've been renovating our new house for the past year and that has pretty much taken over our every last waking minute. (Remind me to share the befores and afters!)

And of course, since my camera has been silent, so has my blog. Since I miss it and I'm trying to get myself back in the zone, so to speak, I decided to participate in this week's I Heart Faces challenge. :)


Hopefully, I'll be inspired to get my camera out and use it again!

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