Friday, January 29, 2010

Last Minute

Today was yet another last minute day. I've really found that it's hard for me to find time to get my camera out. Most days I don't think about it until the kids are in bed and I finally get some time to myself. By then it's late and I just want to relax. On top of all that I feel like it's getting a little monotonous.

The good thing is that I really feel like once Spring comes, the lure of getting a picture will get me out of the house more. It'll be a great excuse to go to the park, the zoo and other fun outdoor places. For now, it's cold (barely making it to freezing today) and wet and dreary. I don't do cold.

The bad thing is that Spring is still weeks and weeks away.

Today I finally decided to pull out an object from my past. My first lunch box was a PacMan lunch box and I absolutely adored it. I remember how my sandwich fit perfectly in it, how I would swing it by my side by the handles, how different it was from everyone's plastic lunch boxes. I'm not sure it was ever meant to be used as a lunch box, but that's what I used and I loved it. And eventually lost it.

Years ago when ebay was a new thing I was searching for items from my childhood when I found it. My lunch box. I bid on it immediately and was thrilled to win. Now, every time I see it on the shelf, I smile.
29/365 pacman
And to add to things that make me smile:
the Teenager.
He was on the computer, shooting me odd looks out of the corner of his eyes while I photographed my lunch box. I'm sure that he was telling whomever it was he was chatting on facebook with that I was totally weird and crazy. So I turned the camera on him. >:)
ignoring the photographer
I love how he can't totally ignore me but he's trying so hard not to smile. LOL


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