Thursday, August 4, 2011

Ugly House Updates

I did remember to get some shots this weekend so I wanted to do an update of a couple of my previous posts.

First is the master bath. (Original post here.) I grabbed a quick shot of the outside of my shower. I didn't get an inside shot because it's well, dirty. LOL It's yet to have been cleaned out since everything was finished so it's all dusty and dirty and gross. But here's the outside to give you an idea. Weird angle because of the way the bathroom is shaped, sorry.


Next up is the girls' bedroom. Mostly it's Claudia's bedroom because I can guarantee that Mia will want to be with Anakin more often than not. Well, we got the shelf up in Claudia's closet and her dresser is finished so I started unpacking her stuff and putting all away. I couldn't resist getting updated pictures because it's really making it seem like our home, now. :) (Original post here.)
Claudia's bed is going to be set up to the left. This picture is weird because the room really is wider than it appears. LOL (Side note/brag: Can I just say I love this pic only because my reflection makes me smile. For the first time I can really see the difference that 30 pounds makes. I curve in instead of out! ;) LOL)
A couple shots of Claudia's closet. I still have to pick fabric to make the curtain we are going to hang instead of putting up doors. And that is her bedspread on the floor. It's going to be so much fun picking out all the decorative little touches to put up in her room. :)
The dresser. It has been completely refinished. I sanded it down completely, painted it and redid the handles. It looks a thousand times better and I can't wait until she gets home and sees it.

So that's my update. I still have lots more pics to share so I'll post another room soon!


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