Friday, August 5, 2011

My new kitchen

The kitchen in the ugly house was just like the rest of the house-butt-ugly. LOL

It was dirty, dingy and dated. It's oddly situated but very open. It's in the very center of the house, which I actually kind of like and even though we'll probably want to put in new cabinets and things one day, it looks pretty great with the facelift we gave it.



Please ignore random odd boys mugging for the camera. LOL Though they are certainly more interesting that those ugly brown cabinets and gross floor.

In process:
in process
The room had been painted and Jason and his friend Billy made me new cabinet doors. They just needed paint to match the cabinets. As you can see, Jason is pretty proud. :)
A quick shot of the red color before the touch up painting was done. LOL

Please excuse my mess. LOL I've moved the boxes in but haven't started unpacking. Here you can see the finished doors and my nice, new floor.

It just amazes me how much brighter and cleaner everything is now. And how much I love it. I love my black counters and sink, and the walls and cabinets are such a light gray that they look white without the blinding effect. It's softer, somehow.

Really, it's just lovely.


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