Wednesday, July 27, 2011

The Beach

Saturday when we left Yesterday's Fun we headed to Fenwick Island to hang on the beach for awhile. When we got there, it was later in the day so the crowds had thinned out and it was breezy and warm without being overly hot.

Anakin and Mia absolutely love the beach. It is their favorite place to go and they'd live in a tent on the beach if they could. They love to dig in the sand, building sand castles and making trenches and pools to splash in.

digging in the sand
crazy anakin
Anakins still not much for the water. He prefers to play a sort of tag with the waves coming in.
needs a haircut
And yes, I do realize my child was badly in need of a haircut. LOL He actually got one on Monday, I just haven't taken pics of it yet. Just imagine Anakin Skywalker in the beginning of Episode I--more of a classic bowl shape. He chose. :)

Mia is pretty much the exact opposite when it comes to the water. She has been a little fish since she was a year old and didn't want me to hold on to her in the pool. We finally bought her a flotation suit and water wings to help keep her afloat and I'd just hover around her while she paddled about. She's the same way at the beach.

Only there, she wants to ride on Daddy's boogie board. The first time Mia "rode" a wave she was two years old and Jason held onto the tether the whole time. This year Mia was bigger and could go a little farther out. This year, Jason put the tether on Mia and let her ride a wave in on her own. (Insert mini-Mommy attack here)
boogie boarder
out to sea
Jason actually has to keep Mia from going to far out. She'd keep going if he let her. She's a crazy little thing. Once they get out a little ways, Jason helps her get set up and reminds her of how to lay on the board and hold on and then he lets her ride the wave in.
catching a wave
He stays close just in case she wipes out. Which she does. Often. She eats sand and then hops back up calling for more, "Again! Again!" We've created a monster. LOL
wild ride
resting between waves
She eventually tires out (probably from the ten pounds of sand that has wedged itself in her hair, ears, and bathing suit when she wiped out) and she rests in the hole her brother dug. You know. In case there isn't enough sand stuck to her already.
sandy mess


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