Friday, August 27, 2010

First Day of Middle School

This morning, Claudia started sixth grade. First of all, I'd like to know how the heck that happened?! It was easier when Jesse went to middle school because at least then I could say that I didn't give birth to him, so it didn't count. Know what I mean? Never mind the fact that he starts high school (High school?!) on Monday.

But have no excuse. Nothing can erase the fact that I just dropped my firstborn off at middle school this morning. And Tuesday is Anakin's first day of Kindergarten. Full day Kindergarten. I will only have Mia from 8am to 3pm every day. I'm not going to know what to do. I guess I could clean the house or something.

You know, after I'm done inspecting my gray hairs and wrinkles.
OK, so not really. I'm mean, I'm only 32.

So, anyway. This morning she was up and ready in no time. I tried to grab a couple of pics before I took her to school.

First Day of Middle School
Can you tell that she was not enthused with the picture taking? She was ready to go and there I was making her smile for the camera. I got that shot of her and then she was "Can we go now?"

She was just a little excited about her first day. That is until we pulled up to the curb to drop her off and then her voice started to crack a little and the nervousness slipped in a bit. I did good though, I didn't shed a single tear.

Until she was out of the van. LOL


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