Saturday, March 20, 2010

Playing Catch-Up!

I have been taking pictures, but not posting them for the past week. Wednesday my husband and I celebrated our three years wedding anniversary. He took a few days off and we've mostly relaxed but have also gotten some things done around the house/yard. Mainly we enjoyed the beautiful weather we've been having!

Here's a quick description of what we've been up to!

On March 12th I made peanut butter cup brownies with a thick layer of icing on top. Mia especially liked them.
71/365 chocolate face
On March 13th Mia fell asleep coloring at the kitchen table.
72/365 asleep at the coloring book
Moments later, Anakin followed suit on the couch, clutching his wrapping paper tube lightsaber.
anakin on couch
On March 18th Mia held her daddy's hand while rollerskating down the street.
77/365 skating

and Anakin
practiced his Jedi moves.
jedi training
And today, Jesse became a member of the mob while attending his girlfriend's birthday party.
79/365 jesse and olivia
jesse and olivia2


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