Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Scenes from a regular, ordinary day

Otherwise known as: Sorry this is so boring. LOL

In the afternoons after we've dropped Anakin off at school, I come home and clean up the kitchen from lunch. We have about an hour and a half before we have to leave to go back to school to get a place at the front of the pick up line (I like to be up front because Claudia gets off the magnet bus a good 10-15 minutes before the our home school lets out and the kids are out there alone for that time.) While I'm doing dishes and sweeping/mopping, Mia plays on Webkinz Jr.
playing webkinz
Every once an awhile I look at her and see the young lady she is destined to become. She looks so grown up in this picture. Where did her baby face go?
(And please excuse the messy desk. )
waiting in pick up line
Ok, there it is.
When we get in line at school we both settle in for about an hour wait. We sometimes listen to books on tape during that time but lately all Mia wants to listen to is my Glee CDs. "Don't Stop Believing" is her favorite with "Defying Gravity" a close second. (Anakin prefers "Bust a Move". LOL)

I always have a book with me and Mia has started bringing books with her to look at while waiting. She's definitely my kid. :)
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