Friday, September 9, 2011

Mia's New Glasses

A couple of weeks ago, Mia had her yearly check-up and of course they did the vision and hearing screening. Well, imagine my shock when Mia tanked the vision screening. I've never seen her be anything other than overconfident so seeing her so unsure was a real eye opener and I couldn't believe that I had no idea there could be an issue.

Of course, over the following week while waiting for her eye exam, I started noticing all the little things like how she'd scoot up to the computer screen or rub her eyes a lot. And maybe that's why she's always running into things! She's not klutzy (or not totally klutzy) she can't see! LOL I felt a measure of guilt and relief the whole time.

So last Tuesday afternoon I took her in to have her eyes examined. The Dr was really great with her and she really did well following his instructions and answering his questions. And it was soon obvious that she did need glasses. The Dr wanted to fine tune her prescription though, so we came in early the next day and he double checked everything and determined that oh, yeah. She does need bifocals, also.

We ordered her glasses and today they were in. Mia picked the frames out all by herself, and she has progressive lenses because the Dr thought they would be easiest for her to adjust to. She wore them all afternoon and evening and seemed to do just great with them and is being very careful. <3

sweetie piebeauty
ornerysilly face
Unfortunately it was a very, very rainy day so I was only able to get a few shots while waiting at the bus stop for Anakin. As you can see, she's still her silly self, but I just can't get over how grown up she looks all of a sudden.

The good news is that the Dr is hopeful that her vision will improve and she may not even need them after awhile. She goes back in six months to see what progress is being made. I just hope she doesn't get upset if she ends up not needing then anymore. She really likes them. :)


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