Thursday, July 14, 2011

Just a quick post

and a silly picture. I grabbed this snapshot the other day when Anakin (finally!) lost his first tooth.

It started coming loose a good month or two before school ended. It had been becoming looser and looser but it just wouldn't budge. For the past couple of weeks he'd been complaining that it hurt sometimes and I explained that the new tooth was probably putting pressure on it. On further inspection, I noticed that the tooth next to it was starting to wiggle, too.

Well, during dinner the other night, he started complaining about it bothering him again and I told him that he just needed to keep wiggling it and it would eventually come out. He wouldn't let Jason try to pull it and frankly, I'm squeamish when it comes to the whole teeth falling out thing.

Within minutes, it was out and Anakin was dancing around the room. I sent him to the bathroom to rinse out his mouth. While was in the other room, Jason and I were discussing the visit from the tooth fairy that was coming. I also mentioned how she was going to be overworked soon, as we already knew there was another tooth coming.

Of course, the moment I said that, we heard another whoop from the bathroom. The other tooth had fallen out.

Now, he was beyond thrilled and we were scrambling to get cash for the tooth fairy's visit. At this rate, the tooth fairy is going to go broke. And did I mention he has an extra tooth? Our tooth fairy is so screwed. LOL


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