Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Sew Relaxing


This week's theme at Trendy Treehouse is My Favorite Things and I'm a day late. lol

Partly because it's back to school time and my house is crazy with getting four of the five kids dressed, shoe'd and supplied for the year. But I'm also late because it's a hard choice to make. I think of my kids first when I think of what's most important to me, but they are not things, they are my heart on (multiple pairs of) two feet.

Then I think of what things I have that make me happiest; do I pick the things that are sentimental in value like my rings my father bought my mother, or the quilt my grandma made? Do I pick my camera (obvious choice) or my Nook (also obvious if you know me IRL)? In the end I picked this:
I love to sew and find it very relaxing. I started sewing in high school in home-ec and found that I was good at it. I seldom use patterns; I love taking what is in my head and making it real.

I don't sew as often as I would like to as we don't really have a good space for it all the time and I'm busy with all those kids, but Halloween is coming and that means it's time to start designing costumes! I spend hours every year designing and sewing my kids' costumes; I've done princesses, and fairies, banshees and zombies and Sweeney Todd, a dragonfly, and a pirate.

Also, we're moving and I've promised the kids new bedding and curtains for their rooms which I will sew for them. Even better is that we have a small alcove off of the living room that I'm setting up as the homework/craft area so I'll have more room to sew!

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