Friday, July 9, 2010

Independence Day

Well, it only took me five days to upload the pics and then another day to post them, but here I am! lol

This year we went to Laurel's Independence Day celebration again. This year it was on the third due to the fourth falling on a Sunday and Jason had to work so I took the kids for a little while that afternoon. We went back after dinner to enjoy the carnival and fireworks. I took my camera but it's a lot harder to keep track of all the kids in a crowd and take pictures so I gave up and just enjoyed myself.

I did want to attempt pictures of the fireworks again and even remembered to put my tripod in the van this year. However, I never got it out in time. I kept telling Jason that it was probably time to find a good spot to sit and watch them and he kept telling me we had time. Guess who was right?

I did attempt some hand held shots and a few weren't bad but it was incredibly frustrating for me to not be able to get good shots. I also really need to get a wide angle lens. I've been looking at them for months now and can't decide what I want or how wide I want to go.
fireworks finale
fireworks finale2
When we came home we set off a few small fireworks. I did get my tripod out and get a couple of shots.
fun at home

fun at home2
fun at home3


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