Monday, April 12, 2010

Assateague Island

Yesterday was a beautiful day out, temps in the 70's and sunny skies, so we decided to ride out to Assateague and walk a couple of the trails and see the ponies. It was the first time we've taken Anakin and Mia as the flies and mosquito's can get really bad there and Claudia has horrible reactions to bug bites so we avoid it in the heat of summer. There were still some mosquito's but I think I'm the only one that got bit and it was only once. My elbow really itches, though. lol

We hiked through two of the three half-mile trails. First the forest trail and then the marsh. I think the kids enjoyed the marsh trail the best as it takes you out to a small beachy area that they loved exploring. We went ahead and purchased a year pass ($30 for the year compared to $15 for the week and we can use it at both Assateague and Chincoteague.

The marsh trail
assateague ponies
The ponies

They had fun combing the beach and marshy areas finding all sorts of interesting items. :)
beach find2
And Mia loved playing in the sand.
mia texture

(More pics later when I have time again!)


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