Thursday, March 11, 2010

It's been awhile

since I last posted. Anakin was sick for a few days and then Mia and I came down with colds right after.

I spent March 4th remembering and missing my mom and the weekend after we had our nieces and nephew overnight.

Oh, and we looked at a house. To buy. Maybe. Probably. *faint*
It's an older house and my biggest complaint is the low ceilings. The kitchen's a little wonky too and it could use some paint and new floors, but it's structurally sound, and has a fantastic 3 bay garage (only a few years old and barely used; the floors are still clean!) in the back. We're waiting to hear about the septic system and get the report from an electrician before we decide. We're double checking everything because while we don't mind a little work, we don't want to get into something too deep.

So that's filled every waking thought for the past week. Now it's Thursday and yesterday was the first day that I'd gotten my camera out in days. I missed a lot of days for my project 365, but I'm still sane so I think I'm ahead of the game. LOL

The days that I didn't miss:
Day 57: Anakin snoozing on the couch while still sick.
57/365 his turn
Day 60:
A leaf that was on my windshield and wouldn't blow away. LOL
Day 69:
Yesterday! My flowers are starting to bloom and Spring is in the air! So is the pollen, but Spring! Warm Weather! No Snow!! Can you feel my relief?
69/365 crocus


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