Wednesday, February 3, 2010


I just realized that I completely forgot to post yesterday. I took my pictures, but never posted them to the blog. I uploaded them to flickr, but never made it here. But I have a good excuse, I swear!

You see I received a package yesterday. And inside it, was this:
33/365 nook
Isn't it beautiful! LOL
Charging...yes, I was a wee bit obsessed yesterday.
I really like the cover I chose. I couldn't decide what I wanted because I really didn't like the look of the elastic holding it in on most covers. I wanted something pretty, but none of the oberon covers appealed to me so in the end I went with simple and bought the Industriell cover. I love it. It smelled a little funny (new car-ish) right out of the package, but once it was aired out it was fine. I love the way the nook clips in (the newer version is even nicer than the ones in the pictures on the B&N website and it's very clean looking.
nook cover
I've already been on a shopping spree and have added nineteen books to it. I bought all the Sookie Stackhouse books because I love them so much and knew I'd want to re-read them. I also pre-ordered the one that will be out in May. Then I bought a bunch of books that I've been wanting to read but couldn't get from the library. Now I just need to finish the book I'm already reading so I can really start to enjoy my Nook.

While waiting yesterday, I did take some pictures so I wouldn't be completely boring. It was a snow day again and the kids decided to paint with watercolors. Anakin decided to use the watercolors as war paint.
Also, while waiting for my package to arrive I occupied myself by tossing some bread crusts out to the birds. A cute little squirrel decided to get in on the action and I was able to snap a couple of cute pics from my front door.


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