Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Day 6 Already? AKA: My favorite things

Wow, I've actually taken photos and posted six days in a row! Not only am I posting but I'm actually (trying) to share a little about myself. I've never been good at letting people in or letting people get to know me, so I've really tried to actually share something about myself more than I normally would.

It's a start at least.

Today I photographed my new favorite "things". The other day I shared my skull socks that I received in my stocking and today I'm sharing a couple of my other gifts that I am absolutely loving.

First up is volume 1 and 2 of Glee!
I love watching Glee every Wednesday and I think that having to wait until April for a new episode is near torture. At least I have the music to help me pass the time. I've loaded all the songs on my ipod and have listened to it so much that the three year old is starting to sing along. (Her favorite song being "Don't Stop Believing" <3)

Next up is True Blood. Now, technically I bought this for myself but only because it wasn't in stock when Jason tried to get it for me for Christmas. Even better I got it on sale for $17 at Target.
true blood
true blood2
Before I bought it, I had not watched the show as we don't have HBO. I have read all the books though (as seen in a previous post) and absolutely loved them. Love the show, too!

Last is my silly, crazy, I should be embarrassed but I'm totally not present.

That's right. A bright pink Snuggie! (That's my lovely husband modeling it for me, though he made me promise to cut out his face. LOL) I am constantly complaining of getting a chill when I'm sitting on the couch and playing on the computer so my husband bought it for me. The kids think it's so funny but I have to admit it's been great! I'm warm and comfy and am hands free! ;)


Melanie January 8, 2010 at 8:12 PM  

Love the Snuggie! My daughter made fun of the commercials all the time, and then got one for Christmas. She wears it around and I tease her and say, "you LOVE your Snuggie! LOOOOVE it!" and she says, "Mom! I do not love it! I just like it!" hehehe

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