Monday, February 15, 2010

Claudia's Birthday

This Valentine's Day was Claudia's 11th birthday. Saturday, I ran around all day (first chance I've gotten in a couple weeks thanks to the weather) trying to get last minute things done. It was quarter to one in the morning when I realized I never took a picture. LOL

I did manage to get a few today when everyone was over for cake and ice cream. It was a little hectic though with all of us. LOL I think everyone's been suffering from cabin fever just a bit. :)
hades on percy jackson cake
Claudia's cake was Percy Jackson themed. The icing was blue and I drew a trident on it and placed some mini figures around it. She seemed to really like the Hades figure. (I think that's just because we laughed so hard at that part of the movie, friday night. LOL)
jesse drummer
It seems these days that when we have people over the guitar hero gets pulled out almost immediately. And inevitably, Jesse ends up on the drums showing us all how it's done.
Of course, Anakin and Mia were more than happy to assist their big sister on opening presents.
45/365 claudia birthday
Happy Birthday Kiddo! Now quit growing!!

(Please note that not once did she acknowledge me with the camera and even hid her face in many, resulting in less pictures than I'd have liked. I guess she is my kid after all. LOL)


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